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Gluten Free Lip & Cheek Tint

​The ​biggest advantage of ​lip tint is its simple application in combination with an appealing appearance. Therefore, it is used by ​many women who fight with time in the morning and any sa​ved time and simplicity are so welcome. But the problem is that it only lasts for a very short time and there is a […]

Gluten Free Face Wipes

​​Wanting to use the most natural products on my face I have always used fragrance free, vegan, eco-friendly baby wipes to take my make up off at night.​ Having had a problem with styes on my eyelid a few years back I needed a product to be able to get right into my eye lashes […]

Gluten Free Exfoliant

​​A professional exfoliant / peeling treatment is a very powerful procedure for the skin. Normally, this treatment is used to care for problematic skin, but it is also used to slow down the signs of aging and to treat damaged skin layers after sun exposure. This peel helps to visibly reduce the appearance of dark […]

Gluten Free Lip Balm

​​If you follow a gluten-free diet, you need a gluten-free lip balm. However, this may be challenging because many of the most common ​lip balm brands – including Chapstick, Nivea and Baby Lips – are not gluten-free. Others, including Burt’s bees, do not use sticky additives, but may be subject to cross-contamination of gluten in […]

Gluten Free Lipstick

​If you have Celiac Disease, food allergies or just want to eliminate gluten from your life, you’ve got to check out these gluten free cosmetics brands! Cutting out gluten from your diet might have seemed like a no-brainer but there are some pretty good reasons to use gluten free cosmetics also. Some people report not […]

Gluten Free Hair Dye

If you’re looking for gluten free hair dye, this post is all you. For those who have Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance and wonder why I’d do a post about gluten free hair color, here we go. There’s a certain group of people who react topically to gluten on their skin, so GF topical products […]

Gluten Free Acne Treatment

About 80% of the population is suffering from acne or has already suffered in the past. The possibilities to fight against unwanted skin manifestations are increasing, while some of them are surprisingly simple.Acne is one of the most common chronic skin diseases and the most common skin disease during puberty. If acne treatment is already […]

Gluten Free Lotions

Time to lather up! Before I get to the list, I wanted to share that totally understand and respect that some folks feel we don’t need to worry about topical GF products, only foods that we can ingest. The reason I choose to use gluten free lotions is this: I don’t want to accidentally ingest […]

Gluten Free Nail Polish

​​​If you’re looking for gluten free nail polish, this list is all you. You may be wondering why anyone with Celiac Disease may want gluten free nail polish. Wellllllll…. some people react to topical gluten containing products, so gluten free on the skin is a must. And then there are some folks who may bite […]

Gluten Free Body Wash for Kids and Babies

This gluten free body wash/shampoo list is for those of your with precious babies, children & big kids. Since kiddos put EVERYTHING in their mouths, & bath time is no exception, I personally feel that using gluten free body wash for kids is important. That way, they can just drink the whole tub, no problem.​Gluten […]

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