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Gluten Free Hairspray

​Let’s talk gluten free hairspray. One question you may have is: “should I use gluten free hairspray? Sounds kinda nutty to me.” lol, I won’t lie, it does sound extreme unless… some people react topically to gluten (ex: it really irritates my eyes), and some people live with DH (the topical form of Celiac Disease). […]

Gluten Free Nail Polish

If you’re looking for gluten free nail polish, this list is all you. You may be wondering why anyone with Celiac Disease may want gluten free nail polish. Wellllllll…. some people react to topical gluten containing products, so gluten free on the skin is a must. And then there are some folks who may bite […]

Gluten Free Lotions

Time to lather up! Before I get to the list, I wanted to share that totally understand and respect that some folks feel we don’t need to worry about topical GF products, only foods that we can ingest. The reason I choose to use gluten free lotions is this: I don’t want to accidentally ingest […]