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Gluten Free Bronzers and Tanning Lotions

​​​Hello summer! Hello sexy glow! With summer time here, we’ve shed our coats and snow gear only to unveil the winter ghost in all of us! If you’re looking to enhance your skin’s color this season, this is certainly the post for you. Finding multiple options for gluten free bronzers in your local Walgreen’s or […]

Gluten Free Eye Cream

​Before I went gluten free, I couldn’t figure out why most eye creams burned my eyes like fire ants. However, since gluten is a binding and thickening agent, it’s found in tons of eye creams. So in hindsight, I know that I was reacting to the gluten in the creams. Not everyone reacts topically to […]

Gluten Free Eye Liners

One of the most important final touches of preparing your eyes for greatness is your eye liner. Adding this easy step will magnify and intensify your eyes to pop and delight any onlooker! But you need the right formula, color, and design made just for you! You’ll want to check out the line-up we’ve created […]

Gluten Free Makeup

Let’s talk gluten free makeup. Most people want to know if it’s something they need to worry about. I say it’s something that you need to take a serious look at, and then make an informed decision that you feel really good about. For me, yes, I’ve chosen to use gluten free makeup and body […]

Gluten Free Foundations

​​Let’s talk gluten free foundations. Whether you’re hoping to conceal those unwanted blemishes or simply wish to smooth out your complexion for a flawless finish, this post on gluten free foundations will come in handy when choosing the perfect foundation for your skin! Please note that we have included companies that may have a small […]

Gluten Free Face Wash

I’m a huge fan of great skin care. Since gluten irritates my skin, especially my eyes, I rock out topical gluten free products. So, if you react topically to gluten, live with the topical form of Celiac (dermatitis herpetiformis), or don’t want to accidentally ingest gluten via topical products, this list of gluten free face […]

Gluten Free Mascara

​​Let’s talk about gluten free mascara. Not everyone reacts to topical gluten or chooses to use topical gluten free beauty products, but for those of you who do, this list is just for you. I mean, eyes just aren’t complete without the finishing touch of a luxurious mascara. But maximizing the lash shouldn’t come with […]

Gluten Free Hairspray

​Let’s talk gluten free hairspray. One question you may have is: “should I use gluten free hairspray? Sounds kinda nutty to me.” lol, I won’t lie, it does sound extreme unless… some people react topically to gluten (ex: it really irritates my eyes), and some people live with DH (the topical form of Celiac Disease). […]