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Gluten Free Melatonin – Sleep Aid

​The use of melatonin as a means to facilitate sleep and to regulate sleep is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike some other countries, in ​US this hormone is freely available in the form of tablets and ​doen’t ​have to be prescribed.Melatonin, often called the “sleep hormone”, is a substance produced by the brain not only in […]

Gluten Free Beer Brewing Kit

​​​I can’t remember if i have ever seen a beer that was labeled as gluten free and i doub that there are many, therefore making your own gluten free beer is not a bad idea, you can be 100% sure that there is no gluten in it and on top of that you can be […]

Gluten Free Bug Spray

​​If you’re looking for list of gluten free bug sprays​ and/or gluten free insect repellents, this post is all you. I feel like knowledge is power. In many cases, it’s freedom. Especially in this GF journey. Recently I had several people ask which bug sprays were gluten free. And I thought to myself, “I don’t […]