Gluten Free Feminine Products

​Gluten Free Feminine Products- here we go!! So, here’s the deal: We write posts based on what you all ask for, no matter what it is. ;) There are a number of people who react topically to gluten, so they’ve asked us to look into Aunt Flo products and see what we could find out. During our investigation, I truly didn’t find any products that contained gluten, although we’ve heard through the grapevine that they do exist. So we can’t confirm or deny that (don’t we sound super PC?) :) Anyhoo- what we do know is that the following products are safe for those needing GF ladies products. Holla.

Kotex: This particular brand of pads, liners, tampons, and wipes does not contain wheat, rye, barley, spelt, triticale, farina, or rubber latex. Kimberly Clark feminine products only are made on their manufacturing line, so there should be no chance of cross contamination, according to the Kotex rep.

Poise:​ ​With the same manufacturer as Kotex, the Poise line of pads should be safe for those avoiding gluten. Make a clean and fresh switch, while instantly absorbing wetness and neutralizing odor with the Poise pads and liners.

​​​​Tampax: ​There is no added gluten to the Tampax tampons. safe options to fit whatever stage of life you are going through. From teens to new moms to ladies in between, to moms of teens to menopause, you’ll be able to find the right protection designed for you with this line of feminine products.

Always:  ​​​Always pads, liners, and wipes have no added gluten.

Carefree: ​​​If you’re in need of a thin, absorbent liner that helps you stay fresh with an 8-hour odor control, you should test out the Carefree line. No wheat or gluten added.​

Sta​​yfree: ​​​No wheat or gluten is added to the products made by Stayfree. From light to moderate, heavy to overnight, Stayfree has ​redesigned their pads with flexible layers that move with your body while keeping moisture out. You can be sure you’ll be protected.

Organyc: ​​​​One of my favorite finds during this month’s research, Organyc is made with 1 ingredient – 100% organic cotton. The Organyc line pads and tampons do not contain synthetics, SAPs (derived from crude oil), or wood pulp and they are not bleached with chlorine either. For a natural, organic way to stay clean this month, you might want to take a chance with Organyc. o.b. – Although no testing is done after manufacturing, there is no added gluten or wheat to this product line. With a new design for more comfort and control, o.b. thinks that less is more! Locked in leak protection will keep you safe for 8 hours and with their new design, you’re also helping keep the environment safe by adding one less plastic applicator to the landfills.

Playtex: ​​With a 360° design and FlexFit, this tampon will move the way you move and since it does not contain wheat, you’ll be comfortable moving without any allergic reactions. According to the Playtex rep, there should not be a chance of cross contamination.

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