Healthy Snacks for Back To School

​​I’m always on the hunt for healthy gluten free snacks that could work for both adults and school aged kids.  I like the idea of being able to share with each other. My ultimate taste testers are always my precious nieces and nephews, who always give their honest opinions. ;) These snacks aren’t marketed for little ones, so maybe putting them in colorful or creative container could make it fun.  I found my nieces and nephews just wanted something that tasted good. So for you amazing moms, here we go!

​I throw in a few Enjoy Life Chocolate chips to make it a sweet, salty snack.

Beanitos chips are bean based, all natural, GMO free and corn free. Plus, they just launched the snack size portion, very cool.

​​​​Bare Fruit​ apple cinnamon chips- great organic substitute for chips. The only ingredients are apples and cinnamon.

Organic Valley Stringles​ ​​they never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or toxic pesticides, when they say it's organic, they really mean it!

Lundburg Rice Cakes and Apple/cashew or peanut butter​.

Chobani Greek Yogurts: These greek yogurts are GF, all natural, kosher certified, preservative free, make with no synthetic growth hormones and come in a ton of flavors.

​​​​​​​One fun way to mix up the sandwich angle is make snack-wiches is to snag Crunchmasters crackers and add on hummus, spinach leaves, a little honey mustard, zucchini (some kids like this, it may be too thick for other little ones) and turkey (Boars Head is great for this because it can be sliced really thin at the deli).

Kind Bars: ​​​Love these bars, nothing artificial in them.

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